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Evolero Challenges Event Platform Market with Social Hooks,
Unites Biggest U.S.-Israel Economic Mission Ever

Massachusetts Governor’s summit and related events galvanized by delegate networking and content sharing on highly socially-enabled website.

Tel Aviv, Israel, June 9, 2014 - Evolero announced that its highly social event website and management solution was chosen to be the vital online host platform for creating a strong networking community for the largest public event during Governor Deval Patrick’s Massachusetts-Israel Innovation Partnership Mission 2014. The Mission, the largest-ever delegation of a U.S. Governor to Israel, served as an economic forum for idea exchange and personal connection between hundreds of Massachusetts and Israeli business leaders. Mission organizers joined the ranks of previous Evolero clients, including TEDx, Yahoo and General Motors. The Evolero platform, which generated a social influence reach of ¾ million impressions for the event, was selected for its unique ability to create inherently socially-enabled websites that engage and develop communities and facilitate a long term connection through the sustained sharing of content among event attendees.
"Evolero has been an incredibly important partner in the success of the U.S.-Israel CONNECTED Summit and its social world," said Governor Patrick.

Evolero (www.evolero.com) empowers event managers with a full-service website creation and management solution that provides all of the elements needed to be the perfect community host: a socially-enabled website that engages, informs, entertains, registers, tracks and bolsters an evolving new community. By design, the Evolero platform encourages the natural cycle of a community’s social and shared interest development, from pre-event registration, engagement and networking to post-event community development and growth that extends to subsequent events.
"The conference’s huge presence on social media was facilitated by the delegates and Evolero, together," said U.S. Senator William “Mo” Cowan.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's Massachusetts-Israel Innovation Partnership Mission 2014 brought together hundreds of American and Israeli business leaders, academics and government officials to participate in industry-specific discussions on topics such as neuroscience, eHealth, medical devices, the Internet of Things, water innovation technology and cyber security. As part of the Mission, Governor Patrick delivered the keynote at the U.S. – Israel CONNECTED Summit on Wednesday, May 28th.
For event speakers, sponsors, hosts and attendees, Evolero’s customized and attractively designed sites intelligently and automatically weave in each event’s emerging and evolving community, as well as their shared content interests – independent of physical presence.

About Evolero
Evolero is an event website and management platform for creating highly socially-enabled websites for event management, and for driving social and content networking. Evolero’s website tool is built on the philosophy that an event’s lifecycle and growth potential extends well beyond a single point in time and that event impact needs to be established and cultivated before, during and after a physical event, and most importantly, projected forward to the next event occurrence. For event participants, this creates a persistent sense of presence, participation and event-related community. Evolero has been used extensively by event planners, representing large organizations including Yahoo, General Motors, Microsoft, DLD, TEDx, and by tens of thousands of event attendees.